Super Big Fun Announcement

Dear Friends,

You’ve probably noticed a few changes around the podcast lately. Many of you have let us know what’s working and what you’d like to see improved, and we have been listening! And praying! And working on something we really love and are excited to share with you. Thank you all so much for listening!

To the glory of God and with our new friends at Gwynne Sound in beautiful downtown Cincinnati, we’re launching a brand-spanking new format for the Forward Day by Day podcast. We love doing this work alongside you. Thank you for your support and prayers for us, each other, and the world.

Please feel free to leave reviews and ratings wherever you listen to the podcast. Your feedback is vital to us–and you can always reach out by emailing to let us know how we’re doing or what you’d like to hear about next.

Beginning June 1, our podcast will be accessible from

We will be keeping this page active and updated until we know all our folks have migrated over or subscribed to the podcast using iTunes or other podcast hosts. We’re glad you’re here, and hope you will share us with your friends.

Peace and joy,


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